Sometimes you're at that point in your life that you yourself can't figure out how to move on. You don't feel well. Maybe there was an obvious event that really changed your life as it was. You got burned out, fired or you just moved to a new environment. A new love, or a broken one, or the arrival of a newborn... But maybe there doesn't seem to be such a clear cause for you not feeling well. You just feel the need to do something about these patterns and emotions that bother you in daily life. Prohibbiting you form enjoying your life to the fullest and being who you really are.


Whatever cause, it can be helpfull if there is someone that walks with you for a while. That is what I do at my practice. I coach people on a personal level, where compassion, empowerment and awareness are very important concepts. Compassion because I work form the heart. Empowerment because you will not be depending from me as your coach, as I will teach you to use a method you can apply for yourself. Awareness of your emotions an behaviour, where they actually come from. And why it can be so hard to change these - but happily not impossible!

I will teach you how to use the instruments of Past Reality Integration (PRI), the method from the books of the Dutch psychologist Ingeborg Bosch. With these instruments you will be able to liberate yourself from the emotions and behavioural patterns that bother you. This way, you will step by step be able to reclaim your life. You will be able to make more contact with what it really is that your heart wants and you will dare to take action to realise this. We work together, on the levels of cognition, behaviour as well as feeling - all three equally important. You will obtain instruments that you will be able to use for the rest of your life when you need to!

In this video I explain why I am practicing PRI in my life and what it has brought me so far: