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PRI Do It Yourself Coaching

You find yourself stuck in certain patterns in your life: you know your behaviour isn't very constructive, and yet you're repeating it over and over again. You are bothered with your behaviour and the emotions that go with it. The book "PRI - 3 steps to mastering the art of conscious living" by Ingeborg Bosch is eminently suited to deal with this. It is a friendly way to get to know the powerful and effective PRI-tools, that you learn to apply yourself. In 6 sessions I'll help you to use these instruments, guided by the book. You learn to free yourself from behavioural patterns and emotions that prohibit you from really living and enjoying your life; in your private life or at work. This form of coaching takes 3 months and consists of six 60-minute sessions. Click beneath for more information, contact and signing up. Rate: €570,-.  

Online PRI Do It Yourself Coaching

Contentually the same as the Do It Yourself (PRI) Coaching, only now the sessions take place online, using ZOOM. You can have your session at home or wherever you are. During the course you will receive corresponding videos and useful tips. This course also takes 5 months and consists of 6 online sessions of each 60 minutes. Click beneath for more information, contact and signing up. Rate: €570,-.


Individual PRI therapy  

You want to dive deep into yourself: break through certain behavioural and emotional patterns in your life that you don't seem to get loose from. You get to understand the source where these emotions an this behaviour come from, why you are doing what you are doing. Also you will learn to use the practical and effective PRI-tools to transform your patterns from the inside. You will practise them in your daily life on a clear ans specific help question that we will formulate together. Durig the sessions I will help you with the obstacles that you find during your practise. Therapy consists of 3 phases: mindfulness (self observation), reversing your behaviour and feeling, with your awareness focussed on your inside, which feelings are at the root of the problem you experience. Of course with the goal in mind: to experience the here and now for what it really is! And mostly that is much lighter than you usually experience it. You will strengthen your connection with what it is you deeply long for and will dare to take action upon it as well. The result is lasting and you will have the PRI-tools to use for the rest of your life at the times you need them. PRI therapy takes on average 25 sessions that take place every two weeks. You can meet me in my practise or have your sessions in person online. Rate: €95,- a session (60 minutes).

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There is a specific topic, something you're stuck with and you can't work it out on your own. You need someone to guide you through. It can be something in your private life or in your work situation. Together we will pin point what exactly your situation and your problem is. We wil explore the possible solutions and which solutions fit you and your life. When this becomes clear, we will lay out a route, so you can start to make steps forward in actually change the situation that you find problematic in your life. Coaching mostly takes 5 to 12 sessions and takes place weekly. Rate: €70,- a session (60 minutes).