What is bothering you?


 Insecure or depressed

You might not let it show, but you often feel insecure. For example in company with others. Your study mates or your colleagues, or even with friends or family, though they are no strangers to you. You are afraid you don't belong or you are not good enough. Maybe you feel anxious or hopeless when you have to deliver. Or you are regularly emotional, crying or depressed - rather when nobody notices - but you don't allways understand why. You can feel really alone with these feelings. They can be a heavy burden and colour your days in grey. But do you know that these emotions are a cover for other feelings? These emotions are fooling you: they make you believe they are related to a situation in the present. In reality they cover up old pain, from your childhood. A feeling that you had to cover up because for the child you were, it was to painfull to be able to process it. How this works is explained by Ingeborg Bosch in these short videos about fear and depression.


Problems in your relationship

Having a relationship is fantastic when you are madly in love. But after a while, the glance most of the time deminishes at least a little bit. Then for example that feeling occurs that everything depends on you in this relationship. You get irritated with your partner sooner and more often than you would like to. You are longing for the attention of your partner, but he or she seems to feel more affection for the TV or friends in the pub - and you feel lonely. Or maybe, you are living together and taking care of the kids, without being really concerned about each other. Left alone the physical intimicy... This sincere interest in each other and your love for your significant other can be rediscovered. And it doesn't have to be all that difficult. Because what is interfering is almost always a reflection of your own past - and not the behaviour of your partner! Finding out what your reflection and projection is and working with that, contributes to a loving relationship.



You have been sleeping badly for a while; can't fall asleep, wake up early or often during the night. Your thoughts are unstoppable and you can't focus very well durig the day. Your body is probabely not feeling great as well: your neck, back and shoulders are painfull and cramped. Maybe there are more headaches then you wish for. You really want to slow things down but you have to move on! You actually feel exhausted but you are doing your best to stay strong. Or maybe you are already past that point, burned out . In that case your reserves are used up and you cannot go any further.



Searching for fulfillment

When you seem to have everything you could wish for: a fine job, a beautiful house, sweet kids and a loving significant other - you can still feel like there is something missing. Maybe you feel empty inside, in spite of everything you have already achieved. There are no major problems, but life seems to pass you by. You wish to feel more alive, more passion, more joy. If you don't feel that part of you, it doesn't mean that it is not there! You just lost contact with it. And luckily, you can restore this contact with what is in your heart or the whispers of your soul. True fulfillment you will find within yourself and can never be replaced with something on the outside. Watch this video by Ingeborg Bosch on spirituality and fulfillment .